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Michelle Masters

Internationally best selling author Michelle Masters has been an NLP Trainer and Master Practitioner since 1995 with NLP Marin and other centers around the world. She combines Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Family Systems work, Matrix Energetics and a variety of other modalities into her work to create lasting change for people in all areas of their lives. 
Michelle has clients all over the world–in the U.S., Europe, Australia, New Zealand, India/Asia, Africa and South America, and she speaks and teaches internationally. Jeffrey Slater and Chris Duncan have nicknamed her 'The Coaches' Coach' because so many of the top coaches in the world have trained and worked with her.
Results Participants Have Gotten
Experience the Workshop that Inspired the #1 Internationally Best Selling Book!
Find Out What's In the Way and Revise It
Most of what keeps us stuck is unconscious beliefs and patterning. When we find out what's in the way, we can usefully begin to revise it to create more of what we want.
Get Clear on What You Want
Getting clear on what you want, and why, will begin to create powerful shifts in your neurology, and in the quantum field of possibilities.
Create Permanent Shifts
Revising the old patterns is like re-writing software--when you do it well, a different pattern runs automatically now--without having to try to be different or having to work hard at it.
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