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Beginning October 4, 2018
7 pm PDT
(October 5, 2018 at 12:00 noon AEST)

6 Month Course with 10 Live Weekly Calls 
(10 am or 7 pm PDT)

When the Patterning that's in the Way of Your Money Shifts, Amazing Things Are Possible...

Michelle Masters

Michelle Masters has been an NLP Trainer and Master Practitioner for over 20 years at the renowned Nlp Marin. She combines Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Family Systems work, Matrix Energetics and a variety of other modalities into her work to create lasting change for people in all areas of their lives. Michelle has clients all over the world–in the U.S., Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Africa and South America, and she speaks and teaches internationally. Chris Duncan has nicknamed her 'The Coaches' Coach' because so many of the top coaches in the world have trained and worked with her.
The extremely popular Money Magic course is now available online!
 You can be part of a growing global community that is expanding what is possible for you and everyone.
You can discover your unconscious blocks to having the life and money you want, and change them.
You can create what you really want-not what you think you have to do to get what you want.
You can create more of what you want AND have it be easier.
You can live a happier and more magical life.
You can have what you want.
You can join us now.
Join Us Online As We Open The Doorway To Wealth
When unconscious-patterning shifts, lives change in magical ways.
Find Out What's In the Way and Revise It
Most of what keeps us stuck is unconscious beliefs and patterning. When we find out what's in the way, we can usefully begin to revise it to create more of what we want.
Get Clear on What You Want
Getting clear on what you want, and why, will begin to create powerful shifts in your neurology, and in the quantum field of possibilities.
Create Permanent Shifts
Revising the old patterns is like re-writing software--when you do it well, a different pattern runs automatically now--without having to try to be different or having to work hard at it.
With Online Money Magic, you start off with 10 live weekly calls to get you on your way (all calls are recorded in case you can't listen live).
The Calls are a mixture of a little lecture, ample Q & A, and then live group change work.

Each of the 10 weeks has different lessons and change techniques to get clear on what you want and to revise what is in your way.
You will be able to create the blue print for a future that what you really want.
You can revise past beliefs that are in your way.
You can discover your unconscious relationship to money and change it.
You can revise your sense of worth to more accurately reflect who you are.
You can uncover and revise family and generational blocks to money.
You can align your unconscious patterning to support and create the life you choose now.
And so much more.

You then have  6 months of ongoing access to the online change techniques to revise and change your patterns whenever you like.

You will also be part of a private Facebook group where you can share your successes, ask questions, and get answers.

You can change as much as you like.
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"Working with Michelle has been one of the best things that has
happened to me. Every changework session has been so profound, deep and has consistently shown tangible results. Every session on business success has yielded me with 5 and 6 figure clients."

Mihir Thaker

“I’ve been working with Michelle for the past ten years and she is
most definitely one of my secret weapons…working with Michelle is like striking gold.”

RC Peck, CFP and Founder of

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