The Field of Money:
A One Day Constellation Workshop
Discover the Hidden Dynamics Limiting Your Experience of Money

There is one spot left for this workshop.

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Streamed Live Through Zoom
10-6 pm San Francisco time
We have shifted this workshop to a live stream due to current uncertainties about gathering. 

Friday August 7

10:00 am - 6 pm

Only 24 Spots

very limited space

Michelle Masters

Creator of Money Magic
Since 2006 Michelle has been helping people all over the world transform their lives and money.
What You Will Experience in this Workshop:
Discover Your Unconscious 
Relationship to Money
Often even when we do the right things, we are energetically pushing money away, or keeping it from us. Find out what you are projecting energetically onto money.
Reveal How Your Parents Dynamics about Money are Affecting You
The struggles of our parents and previous generations are often the biggest energetic block to us allowing ourselves to thrive financially.
Experience how Beautifully the Energy of Money 
Can Support You
Once we stop projecting our negative patterns onto money we can experience the beautiful essence of its support.
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