Michelle Masters first job after college was teaching Environmental Education. The school hired predominantly Theater majors because they had discovered that it was easier to teach Theater majors science, than to teach Science majors how to make things interesting. 
It was a lesson in teaching that she has been using ever since.

Train the Trainer

A Masters'
Guide to

The Courtyard Marriott
1400 N Hamilton Pkwy, 
Novato, CA  94949
Module 1: Jan 15-17 2020
Module 2: Feb 11-13 2020
Module 3: Mar 17-19 2020

This class may be full now. Email us at info@michellemastersnlp.com if you are interested, and to see if it's a good fit.

Sharing Your Knowledge And Your Humanity

Sharing What You Know on 3 Levels

  Human brains are not well designed to retain facts. They are designed to retain       experience. 
 This class will have 3 modules--all designed to help you create enjoyable, satisfying   learning experiences for your audiences. Because it's not just the information that you   are  communicating.

 Module 1: Creating Engaging Content

 Module 2: Delivering Content

 Module 3: Stance (Who You Are As a Teacher)
Creating Engaging Content
Learn how to create content that goes down easy and stays with people. "Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down..."
Delivering Content
How you deliver content is perhaps even more important than the content itself in determining how well it goes in. 
Your Stance as a Teacher
Who you are as a teacher is always communicating and emanating from you. Discover how to make who you are, and what you are teaching, a beautiful combination.
"A teacher affects eternity; he [or she] can never tell where his influence stops."
― Henry B. Adams
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