Clear Path to Love
May 18-19 2019
San Rafael, California
7 Mt. Lassen Drive
Creekside Center
The Gazebo

"That was the most change I've ever gotten out of a workshop."

There are 8 spots left in this workshop and registration will close when it's full, so register early!

Revising the Unconscious Blocks to
Love and Relationship

This workshop has limited space, and registration will close when it's full.

Hear About the Workshop
Join Us for 2 Profound Days of Change

San Rafael, California
10-6 pm Saturday & Sunday

Human Beings Thrive Best When Love Flows In Their Lives.
Anything Else is Unnecessary Isolation and Struggle.
Find Out What's In the Way
Discover the unconscious blocks to love in your family that are limiting relationship
Revise the Blocks
Change and release the limiting patterns from the past, and add strength and support
Experience an Entirely
New Possibility
Step into a new way of relating

Michelle Masters

Michelle Masters has been a Personal Development Trainer since 1995, and Family Constellation Facilitator since 1996. She speaks and teaches internationally and has clients all over the world.

Jade Luczynski

Jade has been working in the healing profession since 1982.  She is the owner of Sacred Circles Healing Arts Center in Walnut Creek and a founding member of the East Bay Health and Wholeness Collaborative.  Her range of modalities include Hypnotherapy, NLP, Matrix Energetics, Acutonics and Reiki. She is a Certified Massage Therapist, NLP Master Practitioner and Family Constellation Facilitator.
Hear What Others Have to Say About Clear Path
"I had an amazing experience and honestly feel lighter and happier and amazing. Words can't convey how I feel."

Sonia Lowrie

"I met the most amazing man after Clear Path. I've never been so happy."

"Clear Path to Love was an amazingly supportive and revealing experience. It allowed my husband Chris and I to heal areas of our relationship that were not visible to us before the workshop. We were searching for a way to reconnect and deepen our relationship. 
During the workshop so much was revealed and healed..., and the healing continues to unfold...Truly priceless."
"I've gotten some tremendous answers out of this as well as some pretty deep change on pretty significant levels."

Cameron Bird

Join Us for our May 18-19 2019 Workshop
San Rafael, California
7 Mt. Lassen Drive
Creekside Center
The Gazebo

10-6 pm Saturday and Sunday

Space in this workshop is limited, and registration will close when it is full.

Questions? Call Jade at: (925)943-6908

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